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Monday - Friday
8:00am - 6:00pm

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47448 Fernald Street,
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Holiday Celebration

Day Care Special Events

 Halloween Celebration


  • Costumes Parade
  • Craft-Jack basket
  • Halloween Tea Party
 Thanksgiving Pie Party



  • Pie Party
  • Thanksgiving Story telling
  • Thanks For You Card
Christmas Gift Exchange


  • Christmas Tree Decoration
  • Gift Exchange
  • Group Game-Finding Socks
 Valentine’s Day Art of Heart Display

  • Art of Heart
  • Make Chocolate Cookie
Chinese New Year Red Envelope Celebration


  • Chinese New Year Red Envelope
  • Art- Character FU Stamp
 St. Patrick Day Come With A Little Green


  • Wear a Little Green
  • Flower Necklace
 Easter Hunting


  • Easter Hunting
  • Colorful Eggs
 Mather’s Day “Thank you for loving me” Flower For Mom
  • Sing a lovely song or say something for my dear Mom
  • A Mother’s Day Card


mothers day gift ideas

Father’s Day “You are the No. 1” picture frame: Daddy and I


  • Daddy’s Picture will in a frame 
  • a sweet Father’s Day Card

Health 好身体

身体健康是美好未来的基础,七色花幼儿园注重营养,健康,科学的饮食作息,用心设置安全,多样,有趣的室内外场地,设施和课程,积极鼓励孩子进行户外活动,亲密接触大自然,强身健体,提升孩子快速成长期的身体素质和免疫力。 Read more

Character 好品性

七色花幼儿园重视孩子的心理,社交发展需求,尊重孩子的独特性格和爱好,积极引导孩子分享,表达内心感受,学习处理和解决差异及问题,培养孩子自信,自律,独立,乐观的品质,使孩子终身受益。 Read more

Habits 好习惯

影响未来成功与否的一大因素就是习惯。七色花幼儿园的专业老师将培养孩子的好习惯融入于日常活动的细节中,帮助孩子建立和保持良好的卫生习惯,饮食作息习惯,生活习惯,和学习习惯。 Read more
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