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47448 Fernald Street,
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Why Choose Rainbow Flower Child Care?

How to Choose a Good Family Day Care Home




[ ] Is the home licensed?
Rainbow Flower Child Care is fully California Licensed.

[ ] What ours and days is the home open?

We open from 8:00AM-6:00PM, Monday- Friday.

[ ] What are the fees? When must they be paid?

 We offer different programs for each age group, please Call (510)299-1666, or come to have a tuition information for details.

[ ] Does the provider/owner care for the children every day? If not, how often are back-up people used and how are they chosen?

 In Rainbow Flower Child Care, the main Caregivers will care for Children full day, and we also have part time teachers and assistants work together.

[ ] How many children are in the home? What are the ages of the children cared for in the home?

Children are continuing register in Rainbow Flower Child Care. Mostly they are between 15 Months – 36 Months old.

[ ] What is the policy regarding sick children?

We do have policy regarding sick child, the sick child will be supervised but isolated from other children safely and comfortably, the parents will be notified or asked taking the kid back home.

[ ] Are nutritious meals and snacks provided?

Yes! Rainbow Flower Child Care Follows EAT A RAINBOW EVERYDAY, provide to children nutrition balanced homemade hot meal, snacks, and fruits to support children grow healthy.

[ ] What is a typical daily schedule for the children? Is it consistent from one day to the next?

Please check the website page of Schedule under the About us.or you call day care for more information.

[ ] What is the providers philosophy regarding toilet training?

We believe that each child has his/her own “ready day”. We encourage kid who has shown the signs about toilet training to start practice regularly until the kid is totally comfortable with it in both physical and mental preparation. We respect kids and do NOT push kids to remove diapers.


[ ] Appear to be warm, friendly, and enjoy being with children?

As child care provider, we believe every one have the agreement about being nice, warmhearted, caring, and feel happy to work with young children. we think about them, work for them, and enjoy being with them.

[ ] Treat each child as an individual with a different personality and different capabilities?

We deeply understand that each child is unique. respect their individual differences is basic consideration when child join in.

[ ] Accept and respect your family and cultural values?

Yes! we strongly accept and respect family and cultural values.

[ ] Spend a reasonable portion of the day doing planned activities with the children?

By taking many of classes and years of teaching experience, we have a whole program which contains plenty of activities for their learning and development. we focus on the 4 major domains of early age child development, designed and planed activities for their physical, cognitive, language, social/emotional developing needs.

[ ] Read and talk to the children?

We like to read o our children. it is wonderful to see how much they learned from your reading. we think reading and talking to children is the best way to encourage them master more language skills.

[ ] Have previous experience working with children?

In Child Education Field, we have years experiences teachers had worked in both United States and China, our toddler expert can help you know more about our lovely “terrible twos”. all these great experiences will provide your children a very professional caring and education.

[ ] Have some understanding of children’s growth and development?

We have been working and practicing on child development for years, have lot of knowledge about this filed, from environment setting to curriculum design, from communication to physical growth, from creative art to language, from math education to nature and science …

Additionally, we are the member of  NAEYC, National Association for the Education of Young Children, we are learning newest academic achievements  around national wide.  we also regularly communicate with 4C’s, Community Child Care council, a wonderful agency who focus on improving child development programs and communication with parents in Alameda county. 

A CCIP program we are working with to help us update the newest resources related child development and child care program management. we make sure to give children best care and provide excellent service for parents.

[ ] Take time to discuss your children with you regularly?

We have many way to communicate with our parents. they can email to:, or send text massage to us any time. also, more easier, simplelly add wechat : rainbow flower child care, or scan the QR code on the website.

Generally we will set two times teacher-parent conferences for each child on June and December. we will discuss how is the child doing and how to help them to get higher level. we will present parent a Rainbow Flower Child Care progress Evaluation and report for each child to see how much the child developed for future in school. if you want to know more detail, pleases see wed site page: assessments

[ ]A clean comfortable, “children are welcome” look, for example is children’s art work displayed?

Since we were planing how Rainbow Flower Child Care looks like, we did lots of research about the environment design, colors, setting, different activities areas, every detail, we also asked some kids and the professional advisor how to set the classroom to keep children in a safe, lovely, homelike place. 

[ ] Adequate space, heat, light, and ventilation?

 We set our home temperature around 68 degree, which is most comfortable room temperature for kids. we have large windows, and many LED lights on celling, which can make our classroom very bright. 

[ ] Individual and clean spaces for naps?

 Yes! we provide individual nap cot for every child, also, the matching sheet and blanket are brand new for them, parents don’t need to bring napping stuff, the kid will have his own. 

[ ] A sufficient amount of toys and equipment in good condition for the number of children?

Many toys for every age group

[ ] Safety provisions such as gates on stairs, caps on electrical outlets, a locked cabinet for medicine, poisons and household cleaners?

 Safety is always our first consideration. we keep these out of reach for children.

[ ] An alternate exit in case of fire?

 Yes! the facility has inspected by City Fire Department. two EXITs make sure kid can get out from the house.

[ ] Outside play area, safe from traffic or water?

Very safe outdoor play area. it is danced in the backyard. we set commercial level slide set, and have child playground rubber floor, which is soft and very safe, it meets California safe for falling Standard up to 6 feet.

[ ] Furniture and equipment without sharp edges?

Furnitures are designed for children. all sharp edges are covered by conner protecter

[ ] Soft surfaces under climbers?

We were setting very safe  and soft 2.5” inch thick rubber mat which is specific designed for school and playground under climbers. those are from Cal-Rubber, a professional equipment mat product company. 

[ ] Established emergency procedures (a back-up person, posted telephone numbers)?

We have completed emergency plan, and we will have earthquake  and fire frill each month.

[ ] Play with other children? Do children appear to be relaxed, happy and playing cooperatively?

Feel free to visit our site! you will see how happy our children are. we offer lots of activities, interesting and educational. kids love them! come to see it!

[ ] Participate in activities which are suited to their developmental levels such as:

~ Building materials, blocks and small toys.

~ Creative art materials such as play dough and crayons.

~ Dramatic play with dress-up clothes and housekeeping equipment.

~ Looking at books and listening to records.

~ Running, jumping, climbing and other large muscle play?

~ Playing outdoors in a safe area?

~ Visiting nearby places such as the park or library?

Our designed curriculum and activities will contain all above. see detail on website schedule page 


Thank you !  Call now 510-299-1666 to visit our site!


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